Stick Stories Forest (driftwood, paint, scrap; 7 to 8 ft high)

“Stick Stories” The ladders, sticks, and wall assemblages are created mainly from the detritus that I search for in my natural environment. I commonly use driftwood to visually and literally weave my constructions together. The bleached branches and fist-shaped knots are so intrinsically beautiful, it seems disrespectful to add marks or color, but I have to do it. Although each of the works is individual, they share a common language of birds, fish, ocean, land, and sky. This body of work divides into four categories. “Stick Stories” are poles that can each stand alone or in a group. “Ladders” are the three-dimensional echoes of the flat ladder images that often popped up in my paintings. Each of the “Panel Series” is built on a wood background rescued from the original veneer walls of our house remodel. “Windows” metaphorically frame the surrounding landscape.

I reside in northern California near the Pacific Ocean where I gather driftwood and ideas for my art. My first ocean experience left its indelible mark on me since my family lived a stone’s throw from the still untamed shoreline of Jacksonville Beach, Florida. When we returned to my Chicago birthplace, Lake Michigan’s beaches were an important part of my life.