“See Hear Speak” video

See Hear Speak three double-sided masks on base
See Hear Speak

Our ideals require our Guardianship—our vigilance to conceive and protect. These ideals, as described in our US Constitution, are under siege by our present administration. “See Hear Speak” is a conceptual sculpture of three double-sided masks on poles connected to one base that may be viewed in 350°. The brightly colored, outside masks are superheroes fighting for the ideal for humanity and the environment. The inside masks depict the charred Armageddon. “See” of the trio is identified by large eyes created from CD disks. “Hear” has large ears with earrings and holds/protects a bound figure representing humanity. “Speak” represents not only speaking out freely but also action. (Recycled baskets, string, bullet cases, nails, wood scraps, sticks, beads, string, toy scraps, CD blanks, fabric. Glued, painted with acrylic.) Base diam. 16 in. Sculpture 21 in. h x 19 in.


“Nesting Birds” represents the primary sanctuary of all living organisms, personified here as bird-like creatures. I marvel at this sub-culture of birds so intertwined with our human one. I felt so tenderly toward a tiny nest hidden inbetween two stacked patio chairs outside my back door. I watched the adult Bewick wrens fuss over their three eggs and marveled at their tenacity and trust. Only two of the eggs hatched. This three-dimensional wall mask consists of a large green nest that physically and metaphorically holds aloft the wooden bird and cradles the two faces—implying a safe haven for multiple generations. The wooden forked ends guard the nests. (Recycled baskets, string, leather, nails, wood scraps. Glued, painted with acrylic.) 28 in. h x 11 in. w x 9 in. d.

“Tikkun Olam” Tool Kits. There is a Jewish prescription “tikkun olam”, which translates “repair the tear in the world”. In our contemporary culture, it is the responsibility of humans to fix what is wrong with the world. My tiny tool kits are metaphors showing that we must try to repair using whatever means we have. Whether we stitch, paint, or hammer or the extension of that—vote, raise our voices, send money to worthy causes—our very existence and the future of our planet demands that we each contribute in our own way to repair the multiple tears in the world…not just shed “tears”. The tool kits are made from recycled cardboard and painted with acrylics.