Medusa wall mask assemblage

The “Threatened” series expresses alarm about our doomsday scenario. The list is overwhelming: causes and effects of global warming, wars, drug addiction, racism, cruel immigration policies, unaffordable education, housing and health care, assaults on women, and flagrant disregard of our constitutional rights and freedoms including the press.

Mask depicting scorched earth
Scorched Earth

I had already been creating masks about these global concerns when my husband and I were ordered to evacuate our Santa Rosa home because of wildfires rapidly sweeping across Northern California on October 9, 2017.  After nine days, we returned safely. My masks since that gut-wrenching experience continue to reflect the world-wide crisis where our US administration denied the will of the people and pulled out of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. To our peril, the present government continues to recklessly roll back environmental laws enacted to protect natural resources and the health of our human population.

My wall masks are roughly human head size, assembled primarily from cast-offs found in thrift stores and natural detritus. I am committed to limiting my carbon-footprint by utilizing recycled materials. My folkloric style bows to tribal and prehistoric arts with their messages of survival and clarity of purpose. The colorful visages invite the observer to pause and reflect then act to repair the tear in the world. I would like my art to be the nudge to act for positive change.

“Last Honest Man” visage created on beach from seaweed, shells, bones
Last Honest Man

“The Last Honest Man” constructed on the beach, is one of several on-site ephemeral works. “Scorched Earth”, an assemblage wall mask, employs baskets and kitchen tools to emphasize the human, domestic toll of wildfires.  “Medusa”, a wall mask from my Warrior series represents the duality of mother nature as both creator and destroyer. Please click on the menu drop downs to see my artwork.