I’m intoxicated by the bright colors and intricate detail that I use to integrate contemporary crises and mythological references into my personal experience. I don’t necessarily set out to make themes about the life and death cycle but somehow, get there. After all, the art is a record of an event that passes—dies. I painted “Popocateptl”, the active volcano in central Mexico after a trip there. “Reunion” is a play on people’s conversations. The green faced character seems to be spewing forth everything on her mind. “Indirect Flight,” was created in the afterglow of a visit to the Rosicrucian Museum in San Jose. Bird, cat and fish mummies wrapped in woven linen age-stained strips haunted me with their strangeness and beauty. “The Last Roundup” is my response to the crisis of the endangered African elephant. “Martyred” is a memorial to the South African anti-Apartheid activist, Stephen Banku Biko, who mysteriously died while in police custody in 1977. “Roman Pantry” is my tourist painting of the busts of famous Romans that are displayed by the hundreds in art museums. When I return from my travels, my memories are shelved in the mundane pantry of my home.

Watermedia on 22 x 30 inch sheets of Arche’s archival watercolor paper.