four art worksMy need to tell stories through visual means is the driving force for my art. I work in a variety of medium, often combining several into one piece of art. I draw, paint, sculpt in clay, and make 3-D constructions. I use mainly recycled materials as rattan baskets, driftwood, thriftstore finds. I create site-specific ephermal work that I photograph. My latest work focuses on vitally important concerns: the migrant crisis and threats to our planet. My previous Stick Stories honor nature. Highlights of older paintings and ceramic sculptures may be seen in the Archives.

Migrant Children Detained in US Custody (watercolor)

“See, Speak, Hear” (two-sided masks)

“Welcome to America, Jésus & Maria”
(graphic story; on-site/photographed)

Stick Stories/Windows
“Bird on a Ledge” (wall assemblage)