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I am a visual storyteller. My artwork expresses alarm at our planet’s existential threats on climate change, the environment and human rights. I choose the best medium for the narrative: painting, drawing, assemblage with recycled materials.

I Am the Reef  Self portrait as Endangered Coral Reef. (watercolor, ink, acrylic/collage on paper. 18 in wide x 24 in high)

Too Late (Even for Superheroes), Armageddon triptych on recycled canvas maps, depicts our dying earth caused and accelerated by greed and magical thinking. (Toys, doll parts, flowers, tulle; wired, nailed to found & altered wall maps. 30x48x4)

Bible Bitches, my reconstructed Gideon bible exposes the plethora of archaic anti-women texts that influence our laws. As, all women are forever punished for Eve’s original sin of eating the forbidden fruit. Genesis 3:16: “In pain you shall bring forth children.” Texas’s anti-abortion ruling is especially cruel and encourages bounty-hunters to victimize women. (Gideon bible; heads of recycled dolls, wood scrap, photos. 15x15x4)

No Better Than Knick Knacks exposes racism as it profits the powerful elite. The migrant children in my paintings died while in ICE custody. (Coca Cola case, recycled doll heads, paintings. 18x12x4)

Women Warriors
Series of Assemblage Wall Masks initially inspired by the 2020 Women’s Suffrage Centennial, celebrating the 19th Amendment when women won the right to vote. We still fight for women’s rights and equality.

Host of Plagues conveys the horror of the COVID19 pandemic. The Burmese Python dominates because like COVID, this unchecked invasive species terrorizes Florida, known for its dismissal of COVID as fact. The virus needs a host to survive and so deaths spike because of political expedience and science denial. (Photos, recycled wood & rattan, toys, cloth flowers, bullet cases, lace. 24x20x8)

Deadly Beauty expresses the tragic toll of the drug crisis. The wall mask, crowned with red poppies, shows nature’s beauty punctured with heroin needles. Gloved hands obscuring the mouth represent the cover-up of big Pharma profits over human misery. ((Photos, hypodermic needles, recycled rattan, wood, plastic poppies. 23x16x7)

Bed of Roses exposes widespread racism. Roses are crafted from news clippings about Black Lives Matter protests following the murder of George Floyd by police. Grocery bag pieces coat the paper mâché face. (Wood scrap, bullet cases, zipper, photos, twine, paint. 24x18x4)

Sheltered in Poppies shows the dichotomy of nature’s raging pandemic amidst a Super Bloom of golden poppies. Paper mâché face crafted from pertinent COVID newspaper clippings; poppies from grocery bags (Photos, wood scrap, plastic bee, beer cans, nails, twine. 21x16x3)

Medusa, crowned with yellow roses symbolizing the Suffragettes, represents the duality of nature to give birth and destroy. The powerful rich exploit our natural resources while our most vulnerable victims are displaced and die. (Photos, plastic dolls, recycled rattan, wood, lace, leather, cloth flowers. 24x18x6)

Nasty Woman, the former president’s insult aimed at women, expresses a female’s basic right to equality and dominion over her body. (Painted tampons, photos, recycled rattan, wood, bullet cases, beads. 24x18x6)

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