My wall masks represent global concerns about threats to our planet including the environment and human rights. I am a visual story-teller working in a variety of medium including assemblages, painting, drawing and clay.  I began creating wall masks to express alarm at the former administration’s reckless attacks on protections that include land, water, air, and all living things. My recent mask, “Fire Flowers” was created eight months after the devastating Glass wildfires roared down Badger Creek, just footsteps from my home, that left blackened trees and ash in its wake. Today, an astonishing variety of stubborn wildflowers poke through the soil. I represented them close to scale in acrylics and decoupaged them onto a paper maché mask with its rutted surface resembling the fire’s charred landscape. WOMEN WARRIORS are assemblage wall masks mounted on shields with swords that were initially inspired by the  2020 Women’s Suffrage Centennial celebrating the 19th Amendment when women courageously fought to win the right to vote. “Bible Bitches” is an altered Gideon bible that calls out the anti-woman text where more than 200 verses subjugate, demean and order women to breed. It begins with Eve (henceforth, all women) who is punished for sin of eating the forbidden fruit. Genesis 3:16: “In pain you shall bring forth children. My aim is to show the influence these old biblical texts have on current laws that subjugate and punish women. “Bed of Roses” is my statement of support for Black Lives Matter that highlights the protests after the murder of George Floyd by police. The GOP is bent on silencing the voices of people of color through new stringent voter suppression laws and supporting attacks by police on our Black population. Pertinent news clippings form the roses; grocery bag pieces coat the face and shield. “The Host of Plagues” represents the COVID19 global pandemic. I chose the Burmese Python to dominate the mask because not unlike COVID 19, this unchecked invasive species now terrorizes Florida, known for its dismissal of COVID as fact. Without a host, this virus could not survive and indeed, with the human hosts, who continue to treat this as political rather than a scientifically proven heath issue, the pandemic still consumes lives. “Sheltered in Poppies” represents the dichotomy of nature’s raging pandemic amidst a super bloom of golden poppies. “Deadly Beauty” expresses the toll of the drug crisis created in my grief over a young friend who unintentionally died from street heroin laced with Fentanyl. The mask, crowned with red poppies, shows nature’s beauty punctured by heroin needles. The gloved hands obscuring the mouth represent the cover-up of big Pharma profits over human misery. “Nasty Woman” the title borrowed from the former president’s insults aimed at women, expresses a female’s basic right to equality and dominion over her body. Along with the long history of women and girls rendered powerless by men, the profound refugee crisis often separates children from their parents. Painted tampons dominate the sculpture. “Medusa”, crowned with yellow roses symbolizing the Suffragettes, represents the duality of mother nature to give birth and destroy. Exploitation of our natural resources puts money into the pockets of the powerful rich while our poorest and most vulnerable victims are displaced and dying. These assemblages incorporate largely recycled materials since I am intrigued by their histories and concerned with limiting my carbon footprint. My artwork is a statement of my concern for nature and humanity. Please click through the menu to see more artwork and visit my ABOUT pages for my art process and history.